KURO collaborated with French urban clothing brand BONNE GUELLE in 2019.
BONNE GUELLE is known to both produce their own clothes and to introduce upcoming intriguing brands around the world as a fashion portal website.
Their strength and motto is to project authenticity for true fashion fans through their solid contents and researches.

The encounter between KURO and BONNE GUELLE happened in KURO TOKYO when as BONNE GUELLE was having their road trip searching for brands in Harajuku in 2018.

Comments from BONNE GUELLE about KURO

We had seen KURO’s highly reputable jeans in Europe before, so we already knew the name. However to know and understand their production is a completely different level.
Color, details, silhouette, everything is meticulously touched, I am convinced that the brand does not get enough credit for how much they can help people from all around the world’s wardrobe by providing such balanced products after products.

KURO is no stranger to paying attention to details, just like many of Japanese brands are.
Taking sweater or sweat wear for example. There are number of details that you would not notice at first. I cannot explain everything for my position, but it is obvious that there are tons of references and covered details from the designer Yatsuhashi.

The curve of raglan sleeve, details on the collar designs, edge of the ribs… these are some of the examples I recall when it comes to KURO’s expression in clothes.

Another thing I love about KURO is their winter collection, I think that is the season where KURO truly shines from coats to jackets. KURO has been very successful at infusing European luxurious approach with American culture in the field of fashion.
“Varsity Jacket” with leather sleeves that were indigo dyed, “Super 100’s Big Bal Collar Coat” with such silky soft wool really blew me away. There are elegance in everything that KURO makes. 

One of the most important things that we as a company seek in collaboration with other brand is the passion for details, as well as the fundamental skills that each brand represents.
KURO does such a great job to put Yatsuhashi’s choices of colors and materials. “80/- Air Cotton Bartoro Coat” is a perfect mixture of traditional tailored coat and Japanese fabric.
Cannot forget about the down jackets. “Sulfur Dyed Cotton Down Vest” also displays KURO’s attention to details.

We genuinely want to spread the word and want more people in France to know about KURO.