「KURO」 PENDLETON® Limited Item

KURO collaborated with PENDLETON from the United States. 
PENDLETON is a worldly known wool brand for their iconic, colorful patterns.
KURO mixed their modern, minimalistic approach to PENDLETON’s historical background as well as the rich history of the brand.

Applying traditional “EAGLE GIFT” pattern, connecting the spirit of KURO’s running theme of architecture.

Wool fabric is created at Owari Ichinomiya, a very profound wool manufacturer. Made in Japan PENDLETON wool.
The colorway is also synonymous with KURO’s running collection, with soft beige, white and orange.


PENDLETON was found by a british man in 1863 in Oregon.
Today, their iconic wool patterns and its topnotch quality fascinates all of us after 150 years. The prestigious family business over 4 generations enables to capture what is missing in the industries from a fashion standpoint and also from a functional standpoint, providing traditional American warmth to the world. 


The fabrics produced by Ishikei Keori, a company with a history of nearly 100 years in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, which is the production center of Japanese wool, are carefully woven on old-fashioned jacquard looms using high-quality wool.

The fullness and softness of wool is brought out to its fullest by using an old-fashioned loom.