Founded in 2010 in the vibrant heartbeat of Tokyo, KURO is more than a brand.

It is a symbiotic bridge connecting Tokyo's dynamism with Okayama's revered craftsmanship.

KURO means black in Japanese. lnspired by the color of the eyes and the hair of the people in Japan,

symbolising sensitivity expressed through the designs and garments.


Japan is a land of paradoxes and contrasts, and our culture is a kaleidoscope through which you

may see a different hue each time you look.

It's a harmony of old and new, of quiet respect for tradition amidst the relentless march of

technological progress.

Beyond Made In Japan

KURO celebrates the essence of ‘Made in Japan’ captured in each piece of the collection the delicate balance of traditional and the innovative,

the timeless and the timely, and the extraordinary craftsmanship hidden within the ordinary — the ‘unintentional’ ( 侘び寂び ) defying the pretentious.

Producing denim, the Japanese way,

is a narrative composed in the language of

‘Monozukuri’ ― our unique spirit of craftsmanship.

It dictates that each piece we create is not just

a product but a part of ourselves,

our culture, and our respect for the environment.

Our understanding of luxury goes beyond

aesthetics and materials. We believe in the

unspoken elegance inherent in the highest quality textiles, minimalistic design and meticulously crafted garments.

KURO’s collections blend this philosophy of

understated sophistication and modern lifestyle

into designs that reflect the perspectives, ideas,

and values that have been shaping society today.






“ When was the last time we felt truly free? ”

Every step of the design process reflects the dynamism of Tokyo:

a fast-paced, urgent, loud proclamation of the roar within the city.

Yet, its minimalist aesthetics uphold the quintessential Japanese principle of

a mindful respect for others, of finding tranquillity within the paradox of living in two extremes.

This ethos shapes our approach to denim.

In Kojima, a small city by the sea, lie the roots of our artisan heritage — roots that reach back over a century ago.

Here, our master artisans continue a legacy of weaving passed down through generations.

Their skilful hands are one of the few remaining that can breathe life into the aged shuttle looms.

Although modern projectile looms are faster and more efficient to mass produce denim fabrics, our makers of denim in Kojima

are not in pursuit of efficiency, but excellence — each stitch woven is their meticulous attention to detail

and pride in their craft for generations. And so are KURO’s denim— Every step taken into our creation is our dedication to crafting

denim garments of lasting value into a future where sustainability is not an option but a standard.

True freedom, one might argue, is a state of mind rather than a point in time.

Going beyond the gender dichotomy, our designs are inspired by the

complexity of human identity and interconnectedness.

It is not about being a man or a woman or genderless; it’s about

freely expressing what it means to be human.

It is about acknowledging our shared experiences, the moments of

joy and sorrow, frustration and triumph.

It is about embracing the polished and the imperfect, the harmonious

and the rebellious.

It has simplicity and imperfection, just like the Japanese way of

life—”wabi-sabi”. (侘び寂び)

And KURO serves as the canvas on which individuality finds

its expression and an arena where identity is neither defined

nor confined, but celebrated in its boundless diversity. Our

long-lasting and exceptionally comfortable denim is not made

to shape the wearer but to adapt, evolve, and resonate with their

authentic selves. In this realm, what was once ordinary becomes

extraordinary every time they are worn — transmitting the wearers’

unique, timeless, and remarkable experiences.

To wear KURO is to embrace one’s unique identity, cherish

every individual journey, and remain true to oneself amid a world

of constant change.

It is a call to FREEDOM — the freedom of self-expression and self-acceptance.