KURO iro

“KURO iro” is our ongoing collaborative fashion line with Stunning Lure, celebrated for its brand’s sophisticated colours and alluring femininity. Bonded by our shared values of individuality and uncompromising craftsmanship, “KURO iro” reimagines contemporary femininity with exceptional craft in denim silhouettes.

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    Discover the SS24 Collection:


    A Sensual Silhouette

    Available from this March 12 at KURO store and online, the KURO iro Spring Summer 2024 Collection is a playful dialogue with our feminine spirit. In a world that often seeks to define us, the Flow collection encourages you to find beauty in the unconventional.

    Sensual curves and fluid silhouettes that define each piece. This unconventional denim softness is an invitation to embrace your individuality with colour and femininity.

    A Visual Flow Experience

    The colour palette transitions from soft, earthy natural hues to richer, deeper indigo shades.

    Luxurious textures and embracing forms reveal themselves elegantly, showcasing unique and detailed craftsmanship and engaging all senses.

    Modern Relaxed Elegance

    We've reimagined the traditional, infusing our pieces with spacious buttoning and generous proportions for a modern yet laid-back aesthetic.

    Can you recall a moment when comfort and style aligned perfectly in your attire, offering freedom and flair?