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Product number: 963976
Material: 100% wool
Country of Origin : Japan
Gender: Unisex Model information: Height: 175cm Wearing size: 1(M)

A remake knit that uses 3 types of 100% WOOL yarn with different textures based on the raw materials, and connects 6 different types of knitted fabrics.

By changing the knitting fabric and color for each part, we have created a one-of-a-kind knit product. The silhouette is a large size with thick arms.

<3 types of thread description>
・2/16 Powder Wool (WOOL100%) Made from 100% lamb material, which is said to be the softest type of wool. Among the rums, we are particular about the raw materials used, and the thread is 16.5 microns, which is as thin as cashmere, and is spun using rare and high-quality raw materials.
・2/8 Balloon Wool (WOOL100%) A special spun yarn that takes into account the distribution of raw materials in pursuit of fullness and lightness. The spongy lightness is expressed through the knitting and steam setting process.
・2/12 Shetland (WOOL100%) Generally, British wool has an image of having a hard texture, but it is a raw material yarn that combines softness and hardness so that it does not have a strong prickly feel.


Unit: (cm) 0(S) Length: 64 Sleeve length: 55.5 Shoulder width: 55 Width: 64

1(M) Length: 66 Sleeve length: 57.5 Shoulder width: 58 Width: 66

2(L) Length: 68.5 Sleeve length: 59.5 Shoulder width: 60 Width: 68.5

3(XL) Length: 70 Sleeve length: 61.5 Shoulder width: 62 Width: 69.5


Non-returnable Estimated shipping date: Ships within 2-3 business days (If you purchase multiple items, each item may be delivered from a different location.)


No washing at home