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Material: 90% cotton 10% polyurethane
Country of manufacture: Japan Product number: 962919
Gender: MENS
Wearing model information:
Height: 179 cm Wearing size: 30 inches

MONSTER STRETCH DENIM started with the theme of creating a new history of denim.

Most stretch denim is generally said to have an elongation rate of 130% and an elongation recovery rate of 60%. In other words, if you have 100cm of denim fabric, it will stretch to 130cm, and the stretched fabric will only return to about 112cm, which is looser than the original fabric. However, MONSTER STRETCH boasts a stretch rate of 160% and a stretch recovery rate of over 90%. If you imagine that 100cm of "denim fabric" stretches to 160cm, and after stretching, the fabric returns to its original 100cm, you'll get a feel for how amazing it is. The secret to its stretchability lies in completely overturning the principle of stretching. Instead of the conventional stretch fabric principle of ``processing the original fabric to shrink and stretch it,'' we have adopted a new technique to weave highly stretchable threads with low tension. This is a completely new type of stretch denim, where the thread itself stretches instead of the fabric stretching.

The biggest feature of this Helvetica is that despite its innovative stretch properties, it expresses an exquisite vintage-like texture and has selvedges at the edges. Stretch denim usually has a texture that looks like ``stretch denim'', but this Helvetica fabric has a highly reproducible finish that can be mistaken for 100% cotton fabric.

The silhouette is slim and tapered. The rise is set slightly deep, giving a sense of stability around the waist, while it tapers gently from the waist to the hem, giving it a very balanced silhouette.


Unit: cm

28 inch Waist: 71 Rise: 27.5 Inseam: 83 Waist width: 25.5 Hem width: 18

29 inch Waist: 75 Rise: 28.5 Inseam: 83.5 Cross width: 26 Hem width: 18

30 inch Waist: 78 Rise: 27.5 Inseam: 83 Cross width: 27 Hem width: 18.5

31 inch Waist: 80 Rise: 29 Inseam: 84 Cross width 27.5: Hem width: 18.5

32 inch Waist: 82 Rise: 29 Inseam: 84 Cross width: 28 Hem width: 18.5

33 inch Waist: 84 Rise: 29 Inseam: 86 Cross width: 29.5 Hem width: 19.5

34 inch Waist: 88 Rise: 30 Inseam: 86 Cross width: 30 Hem width: 19.5


It can be washed very gently in a washing machine with the liquid temperature limited to 30℃.

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