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Product number: 964012
Material: 100% cotton
Country of Origin: Japan Gender: Unisex Model Information: Height: 170cm Wearing Size: 27inch

CARVER is made using 7/-x7/- 12.5oz selvedge denim. The warp threads are woven in a slightly lighter density to create a fabric with just the right amount of looseness. The thread count is thick so the denim has a strong texture. The silhouette is straight, with a masculine-style pip around the hips. The straightness is classically straight, but is shaped to look modern. The thread used for sewing is a pale yellow like that used for vintage clothing, a color that can be enjoyed as it changes over time. The processing is done at a Kanto-based processing factory that specializes in long-standing traditional techniques, utilising the latest technology and sustainable methods to create a retro look.
The knit patchwork design is inspired by the music scene of the season's theme "MADCHESTER".
The knitted part is made from 100% hemp and is carefully crafted by artisans one by one.
Hemp, derived from the fibres of the stalk of the Cannabis sativa plant, is widely seen as a symbol of sustainability because it quickly converts carbon from the air into growth, potentially reducing carbon emissions more effectively than trees and other plants.
Also, because it grows so quickly, it requires less land and water than other crops such as cotton.
Incorporating hemp into our products allows us to maximize production while minimizing our impact on the environment, and we play an important role in being eco-conscious while still maintaining high strength and durability.


Unit: (cm)

26 inch Waist: 70 Rise: 25 Inseam: 69 Thigh width: 27 Hem width: 19

27inch Waist: 72 Rise: 26 Inseam: 71 Thigh width: 27.5 Hem width: 21

30 inch Waist 76 Rise: 28.5 Inseam: 76 Thigh width: 29.5 Hem width: 21

32 inch Waist: 82 Rise: 29 Inseam: 78 Thigh width: 31.5 Hem width: 22

34 inch Waist: 88 Rise: 31 Inseam: 82 Thigh width: 32.5 Hem width: 23


The liquid temperature is limited to 30℃, and it can be processed very gently in a washing machine.

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