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17/-ROUND SHAPE DYED TEE "Unrestricted"

Product number: 964049
Material: 100% cotton
Country of Origin: Japan Gender: Unisex Model Information: Height: - cm Wearing Size: - ( )

This USED DYED TEE is a Japanese-made fabric that expresses the strong image of American culture, made with thick open-end yarn (air-spun yarn) that is generally used for casual materials. The processing technology is done in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, which has one of the world's leading technologies for product dyeing. The product has been carefully washed to give it a texture like old clothes. The fabric is a round body fabric knitted on an old-fashioned knitting machine and uses air-spun yarn, so it has a traditional light and refreshing feel.

*Special dyeing and processing methods are used to express unique colors and textures.
Please note that the finished product may differ slightly from the photo, due to pinholes, etc.


Unit: (cm)

0(S) Length: 66 Sleeve length: 21 Shoulder width: 48 Width: 57

1(M) Length: 69 Sleeve length: 21.5 Shoulder width: 49 Width: 58

2(L) Length: 71 Sleeve length: 22 Shoulder width: 50 Width: 59.5

3(XL) Length: 73.5 Sleeve length: 22.5 Shoulder width: 52 Width: 61


The liquid temperature is limited to 30℃, and it can be processed very gently in a washing machine.

17/-ROUND SHAPE DYED TEE "Unrestricted"
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