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COLOR: Indigo

Product number: 962911
Material: Cotton: 100% Partial use: Cowhide
Country of Manufacture: Japan Gender: Unisex
Model information: Height: 180cm Wearing size: 30 inches

ANDERS DENIM is a minimalist version of vintage denim.

By starting the design from women's denim rather than men's denim, we create an air of wide-ranging insight.

The straight denim has a wide width and a deep rise, but the slight taper from below the knees creates a beautiful silhouette while concealing the lines of your body.

The matte silver buttons, asymmetrical hip pockets, leather patches, middle stitching technique, and changing the stitch width create a more three-dimensional feel, and the details that incorporate delicate design into a simple design are noteworthy.

Also, while KURO's denim is mainly made with red selvedges, ANDERS uses faint pink selvedges that have a vintage denim feel.

It's not only casual like workwear, but also elegant.


Unit: cm

24 inch Waist:70 Rise:30 Inseam:76 Cross width:27 Hem width:20

25 inch Waist: 72 Rise: 30.5 Inseam: 76 Cross width: 27.5 Hem width: 20

26 inch Waist:74 Rise:31 Inseam:76 Cross width:28.5 Hem width:21

27 inch Waist:76 Rise:31 Inseam:76 Cross width:29 Hem width:21

28 inch Waist:78 Rise:31 Inseam:76 Cross width:31.5 Hem width:21.5

29 inch Waist:80 Rise:32 Inseam:76 Cross width:32 Hem width:21.5

30 inch Waist:82 Rise: 32 Inseam: 76 Cross width: 33.5 Hem width: 21.5

31 inch Waist:84 Rise:33 Inseam:76 Cross width:34 Hem width:22

32 inch Waist:88 Rise:33.5 Inseam:76.5 Cross width:35 Hem width:22

33 inch Waist: 94 Rise: 33.5 Inseam: 76.5 Cross width: 35.5 Hem width: 22.5

34 inch Waist:96 Rise:34 Inseam:77 Cross width:35.5 Hem width:23

36 inch Waist:98 Rise:34 Inseam:77 Cross width:36 Hem width:23


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Can be washed very gently in a washing machine with the liquid temperature limited to 30℃

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